In Greek myths, Zephyrus, the god of the west wind, helps Aphrodite, who was born from the sea, to reach the shores of Cyprus in an oyster shell.

The 28 m2 handmade mosaic that adorns the floor of the gazebo we made for Merit Royal & Premium Hotel in Zephyrus Bay describes the strong winds and waves of Zephyrus.

Work done for the hotel:

  • Gazebo
  • 28 m2 handmade mosaic design and application for gazebo floor
  • Architectural design and implementation of the garden area where the gazebo is located
  • Production of architectural pieces in two different disciplines, Precast and Cast Stone
  • The design and application of 6 pieces of 3 m2 ornamental pools and a total of 18 m2 handmade mosaics
  • 2 210 cm tall welcome statues and 6 fountain dolphin statues
  • Benches in the Gazebo