"The wind brought wealth to Troy."

The Dardanelles Strait was a route where merchant ships passed extensively 3500 years ago. Troy Port was the port where the ships coming from the Aegean Sea were waiting for the right wind to cross the strait, taxes were paid, trade was carried out and guides were kept. The wealth brought by the ships waiting for the wind has made Troy and this region an important city in the history scene since 3500 years ago. So much so that two of the greatest wars the world has ever seen, the Trojan War and the Battle of Gallipoli, were fought in the same lands.

The Trojan War, which took place 3200 years ago, is considered the first east-west war in history. The apparent reason for the war in this rich commercial city, which is in a very strategic geopolitical position, is the escape of Menelaos' wife, Helen, with Hector's brother, Paris. Prince Hector, loved by his people and the greatest warrior of the Trojans, commanded the Trojan armies in the war, fought Achilleus, whom no one dared to face, and delayed the fall of the city for 10 years. According to mythology, Achilleus was able to kill Hector only with the help of the Goddess Athena. That's why Hector became a legendary hero.

Homeros, who wrote the epics of the Iliad and Odyssey, which are considered the first great literary works of western literature, tells the last 51 days of the Trojan War in the Iliad and the last words of the book is"This is how the valiant Hector was buried!"

Conqueror Sultan Mehmet, who admires the Trojan War described in Homer's Iliad and always carries the book with him, visits the Trojan ruins during the Lesbos expedition after the conquest of Istanbul. According to historian Kritovulos, Mehmet the Conqueror said "I avenged Troy", referring to Hector.

And Atatürk.
The Dardanelles War, the second east-west war in the same lands after the Trojan War, is one of the biggest wars in history. Although the Ottoman Empire was on the losing side in World War I, this war that changed the course of history was won thanks to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

With its 5400-year history, they are among the important personalities who have passed through or fought for these lands in the rich history of Troy.

The construction of Homeros, Hector and Conqueror Sultan Mehmet sculptures, which will be exhibited in the city square together with the Atatürk statue in the Republic square, continues in our workshop.