13 sculptures for the aquarium built in the biggest shopping center in Deajeon city of South Korea were designed in our workshop in Çanakkale and completed in 6 months by a team of 13 people and exported to South Korea.

The project, where we also undertake interior concept designs and theming works, will open its doors to visitors at the end of August.

Sculptures made for the aquarium:

  • 3.40 meters Poseidon statue
  • 3.20 meters Athena statue
  • 3.00 meters Medusa statue
  • 2.00 meter Bust of Zeus
  • 2.00 meter Aphrodite bust
  • 2.00 meter Heracles bust
  • 2.60 meter bust of Ares
  • 2.00 meters Bust of Perseus
  • 5 mermaid statues between 2.00-2.40 meters in height