Lefkara was the holiday village of the nobles in Cyprus during the Venetian era. Local people in Lefkara were engaged in traditional embroidery. The lace of the Venetian noblemen who came to the island and the embroideries of the local people became integrated in time and geometric motifs called "Lefkara work" were formed.

The handmade mosaics we made for Gillham Vineyard Hotel, the first and only vineyard hotel in Northern Cyprus.
"Lefkara work" motifs are inspired by the rich Cypriot history and culture.

Work done for the hotel:

  • Total of 30 m2 handmade mosaics inspired by Lefkara embroidery for the entryway
  • Mosaic-based modern ornamental pool
  • Pots complementing the Lefkara mosaics at the hotel entrance
  • Arches in the baths