About Us

Founded in Canakkale by Ethem Muhtaroğlu, whose roots are based in Canakkale, Troy Art & Design; It consists of a group of artists who bring together talent, experience, desire and imagination on a common ground and the uniqueness of art.

Troy Art & Design, which produces with different techniques in many fields of plastic arts such as ceramics, relief and mosaic, especially in sculpture design and production, creates prestigious living spaces, believing that self-expression will reveal itself mostly in details. It creates timeless works by reinterpreting the ancient tradition of sculpture, relief, painting and mosaic arts, and the intricacies of handcraftsmanship with today's possibilities. He creates unique spaces with his works in semi-classical, modern, post-modern and fantastic styles.

Troy Art & Design helps your dreams come true by including you in the design process while signing works that reinterpret architecture with art. Founder Ethem Muhtaroğlu, who has been working in different disciplines of plastic arts for many years and found his own handprint by assisting important names while he was a student, and other artists in the team combine their own creativity and mastery with your imagination.

The Troy Art & Design team, which sees art not as a spectacle but as a part and even the subject of life, offers different solutions for your different needs and produces works that are suitable for your habits, lifestyle and purpose of use. These works, produced separately or together by artists, make your living spaces look much more remarkable and elegant.

While you know the effect of the energy of the spaces on people so clearly, why not have a more prestigious home?
Why not live your own story against that unique background with designs produced just for you?

Troy Art & Design brings real spaces closer to the world of dreams while making your dreams come true;
artfully, skillfully, gracefully...

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